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The Rewinders Podcast rewinds - and reboots - movies from the 80s and 90s that we watched as kids. We talk about what is remembered and felt about it as a child. Then, we determine if the movie still holds up. In between that we sing, make jokes, and act dumb in general. Current hosts of the Podcast are Joe, Ken, Andy, and Dan. Movies are reviewed on a bi-weekly basis and are released on Monday mornings.

October 18, 2021

118 - The Addams Family [1991]

They bark when they want to bark, crunch what they want to crunch
dab how they want to dab, fart how they want to fart
eat who they want to eat, tickle and pinch the sack
The Addams family

join Joe, Ken, Andy, and Dan as they discuss the 1991 The Addams Family movie - and determine if it still holds up.

October 4, 2021

117 - Tremors [1990]

A super small town of Perfection is surrounded by mountains and cliffs, with only one road in or out, is being harassed by sand worms - hungry sand worms - hungry for people. You know how it is.

Val and Earl want out, but can't leave everyone to die. All the people come together to survive.

Join Joe, Ken, Andy, and Dan as they discuss the film and decide if it stands up.


September 21, 2021

116 - Dune [1984]

Come away with the Rewinders, to a desert planet - that is extremely important to the universe and is being exploited. Watch factions war over it and the resource "spice". See a ton of stuff not fully fleshed out and be left confused, but unable to take the time to figure it out because now something else is happening - and once again, if you look away - you'll miss something and be even more confused.

Oh, and giant sand worms.

Join Joe, Ken, Andy, and Dan as they comb the shifting sands of Dune and determine if it still holds up.

September 7, 2021

115 - The Transformers: The Movie [1986]

Is it a kids movie, or is it a comic movie? How much robot murder can a show have before its too much robot murder for children? Does cussing change your opinion?

Join Joe, Ken, Andy, and Dan as they determine your prudish level as they discuss The Transformers animated movie from 1986! And determine if it holds up.

August 23, 2021

114 - Space Jam [1996] pt.2

Space Jam part 2, Too Space Too Jam

Joe, Ken, Andy and Dan continue their discussions about the 1990's hit, Space Jam. This time, what they didn't care for in the film, how Space Jam Legacy lands after 25 years, but the episode doesn't wrap up until theory crafting more slamming sports together with other non-living intellectual properties.

finally, determine if Space Jam still holds up.

August 9, 2021

113 - Space Jam [1996] pt.1

Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam. Space Jam. Where the Looney Toons and Michael Jordan came together to step aside for a 90's child phenomenon - Lola Bunny.

Ken, Andy, and Dan try to make the ole fuddy duddy, Joe, realize how cool this movie was... and/or is... in part ONE of a two part series for SPACE JAM. This episode we introduce the movie, summarize it, discuss the things we liked, and got side-tracked by a few things.

Take this week to get fully informed and confused before it is decided if it holds ups, next episode!

July 26, 2021

112 - Time Bandits [1981]

When you're a little kid who loves history, but your parents don't give a hoot.
Just shut the door - to your room and let the Time Bandits take you away!

Through time - Through space

The guys will take you all over the place.

To the past - but not the future

oh crap, how do I rhyme with "future"


Join Joe, Ken, Andy, and Dan as they look into the first entry of the "Trilogy of Imagination" from Terry Gilliam and determine if it still holds up.

June 28, 2021

111 - The Neverending Story [1984] pt.2

The cussing continues as The Rewinders Podcast discuss the fantasy elements of the 1984 film, The Neverending Story. A film where a boy steals a really nice leather-bound book inlaid with metal... then proceeds to physically ruin it by throwing it across a room, getting his grubby fingers all over the pages, and probably sneezing on it. Then, as this boy reads - he discovers he is part of the story! That's when things GET WEIRD... nah, actually that is when things kind-of wrap up actually.

What makes Fantasia so interesting? Why does the embodiment of "nothing" have a wolf hitman? Is Bastion the new empress?

Find out, or maybe don't find out, as Joe, Ken, Andy, and Dan discuss the non-Bastion elements of The Neverending Story.

June 14, 2021

110 - The Neverending Story [1984] pt.1

Read the name of the movie and try not to sing the theme song. JUST TRY IT!! I bet... well, at least if you know the film, you wont be able to not at least sing the "ahhh" part.

This week the Rewinders Podcast takes on the non-Fantasia portion of the 1984 film, The Neverending Story. Where a child steals a book, trashes it, becomes part of it, and commits stolen valor on the real heroes of the book.

join Joe, Ken, Andy, and Dan as they discuss how bad of a father Sebastian has, how awkward the school was, and if Fantasia actually crosses over with the real-world or not.

May 31, 2021

109 - UHF [1989]

What happens when you are a failure who is given a local, non-network, TV station to run? Maybe some cool cool programming that wouldn't happen anywhere else... except Tulsa. BUT, beware - you don't want your TV station to get too popular, or the network stations will come for you... AND YOUR MOP!

Join Joe, Ken, Andy, and Dan as they manically drive their car to Spatula City to get a better deal (without clubbing a baby seal). Then, spin the Wheel of Fish to see if it still holds up!